Frank DePasquale Net Worth 2024, Salary, Income Bio & More

According to different sources, Frank Depasquale Net Worth is $1 to $5 Million. Frank DePasquale is a prominent businessman based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is known for owning and operating several successful restaurants in the Boston area, including popular Italian eateries like Il Panino and Bricco.

Furthermore, he has invested in various businesses, including real estate and venture capital. DePasquale is well-regarded for his contributions to the city’s culinary scene and has participated in various community activities. In addition to his business ventures, Depasquale is a kind donor to several charitable causes, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Frank DePasquale Net Worth & Biography

Net Worth$1 to $5 Million
Full NameFrank Depasquale
Age63 years old
BirthplaceHanover Street, Boston, United States
OccupationBusinessman, Entrepreneur

Frank DePasquale Salary / Income:

Frank’s source of income is his Italian restaurants based in Boston. The Salary of Frank Depasquale is:

Per Year$ 4,00,000
Per Month$ 32,000
Per Week$ 8,000

Frank DePasquale Career

Frank DePasquale career

Throughout his decades-long career, DePasquale has made a lasting impression on the restaurant and hospitality sectors. He had a clear love of cuisine and hospitality from a young age. Driven by the culinary customs of his family, DePasquale set out to transform his passion for food into a lucrative profession.

Frank DePasquale has amassed a culinary empire over the years that consists of numerous eateries and institutions. He has established himself as a visionary in the sector because of his astute business sense and commitment to offering outstanding dining experiences.

Several of his most well-known businesses, which add to the diverse fabric of DePasquale’s career, are Bricco, Il Panino Trattoria, Mare Oyster Bar, and Quattro. DePasquale has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional cuisine, creating unforgettable experiences for diners.

Awards and Recognitions

The culinary community has acknowledged Frank DePasquale’s accomplishments. Frank DePasquale has cemented his position as a culinary icon by accumulating multiple honors and recognitions throughout his career. DePasquale’s mantelpiece is adorned with well-earned awards for exceptional leadership, fine dining, or community service.

About Frank Depasquale Boston’s Restaurants

Frank DePasquale has taken a leading role in community projects outside of the kitchen. He has proven to be a giving person, whether it be through his support of neighborhood development, culinary education promotion, or local charities.

Frank DePasquale has a well-established influence on food culture and will continue to exert it. He doesn’t appear to be slowing down shortly, with fresh endeavors and projects in the works. As long as DePasquale inspires and influences the following generation of foodies, exciting opportunities lie ahead.

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FAQs Regarding Frank DePasquale Net Worth

Who is Frank DePasquale?

In 1987, a small neighborhood sandwich store was the basis for DePasquale’s first restaurant. Il Panino, which translates to “the sandwich” in Italian, is the sandwich store that DePasquale built as his first endeavor into the culinary arts with the support of his family in the North End.

Where is Frank DePasquale from?

Frank DePasquale belongs to Mount Vesuvius near the Amalfi Coast.

Who owns Bricco in Boston?

Both Varano and DePasquale are well-known restaurateurs in the Boston region.

What is Frank DePasquale’s connection to Boston?

Relocating to Boston, DePasquale and his family set out to pursue their passion, which was promoting the Italian way of life, in an attempt to start again.


Frank DePasquale has a net worth of $1 to $5 million, which reflects his wise financial choices and unwavering dedication to greatness. His business endeavors in real estate, hospitality, and strategic alliances have helped to build a strong and well-rounded financial portfolio.

When we consider Frank DePasquale’s net worth in every aspect, it is clear that his journey involved more than just collecting riches; it also involved having a long-lasting influence on communities and sectors. His success story encourages prospective business owners by emphasizing the value of predicting the future, determination, and wise financial management in creating long-term success.

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