Robert Plaster Net Worth At Death, Assets, Bio & More

As of 2024, Robert Plaster Net Worth is approximately $5 Billion. Robert Plaster is a name that refers to expertise in business, charitable giving, and a long-lasting influence on the southwest Missouri area. Beyond his financial success, Plaster is remembered as a self-made businessman who created an empire in the gas industry.

While Robert Plaster’s Net Worth at the time of his death is between $50 million to $200 million. His Source of income is his profitable gas company, Empire Gas. In addition, Robert built successful businesses, establishing landmarks through philanthropy and leaving a lasting impact on education and community development.

Robert Plaster Net Worth 2024 & Biography

Robert Plaster has strong ties to the community throughout his life. It was at Southwest Baptist University that he developed his business mentality. After graduating, he founded Empire Gas, which became his main business endeavor.

Due to his successful business, Robert Plaster net worth is $500 Million in 2024. But, at the time of Robert Plaster Death, his net worth was less than $200 Million.

Net Worth 2024$5 Billions
Real NameRobert Plaster
Date of birth1949
Age59 years old
BirthplaceUniontown, Pennsylvania
DiedOct. 11, 2008
Robert Plaster WifeMary Jean Plaster
Robert Plaster SonStephen Plaster

Robert Plaster Notable Contributions

Beyond his career, Plaster was an enthusiastic charity supporter. Because he thought education might change lives, he generously gave to many schools and universities in southwest Missouri. Historic structures such as:

  • Robert W. Plaster Sports Complex.
  • Plaster Student Union, Plaster Stadium.
  • Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center.

Robert Plaster (2004-2008) Earnings

Robert Plaster Source of earnings was based on his business ventures, real estate holdings, and philanthropic contributions.

YearEstimated Earnings
2008$10 million – $20 million
2007$8 million – $18 million
2006$6 million – $15 million
2005$5 million – $12 million
2004$4 million – $10 million

Robert Plaster Source Of Income

Plaster profitable enterprises were his main source of income. He established Empire Gas, which developed into one of the Midwest’s biggest propane distribution companies. He was also the chairman of the venture capital company Evergreen Investments LLC. Although exact numbers are inaccessible, his business ventures surely brought him significant money.

Robert Plaster Assets

Robert Plaster, a name synonymous with entrepreneurship and philanthropy in the American Midwest, left behind a complex and multifaceted legacy upon his passing. Robert Mansion is counted in his big financial success by determining his exact assets.

Evergreen Crystal Palace

Undoubtedly, Robert Plaster Mansion is considered to be his most prominent asset. Robert Plaster Evergreen Crystal Palace is a building unlike any other. Constructed in the 1990s by the late entrepreneur Robert Plaster. This enormous 28,000-square-foot home has captured people’s attention with its opulent style, expansive dimensions, and obscure past.

Evergreen Crystal Palace

Robert Plaster Mansion

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FAQs Regarding Robert Plaster Net Worth

Who is Robert Plaster?

He was a Missouri businessman, philanthropist, and champion of free enterprise.

What was Robert Plaster’s net worth when he died?

At the time of death, Robert Plaster Net Worth was around $200 Million.

What did Robert Plaster do for a living?

Robert Plaster, a Missouri entrepreneur, founded Empire Gas and became a champion for higher education.

What was Evergreen Crystal Palace used for?

This private residence was built in the 1990s and is currently for sale.

How old is Robert Plaster?

Robert Plaster’s age at the time of death was 59 years old.

What is Robert Plaster’s cause of death?

Robert Plaster died due to natural causes, which have not been publicly disclosed.


Both donors and prospective business owners might find inspiration in the life story of Robert Plaster. His steadfast generosity, his devotion to moral corporate conduct, and his commitment to hard labor still impact the communities he impacted.

Throughout his career, Plaster had a strong grasp of the industry, smart business acumen, and a dedication to moral behavior. Though his precise profits and net worth, his impact on southwest Missouri’s terrain and beyond goes far beyond material possessions.

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