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Robert Benevides Net Worth is around $5 Million. He is an American producer and actor renowned for some popular movies. Robert is also well-known for his connection with the venerable performer Raymond Burr. Over several decades, the two had a close personal and professional bond. In addition to being Burr’s lifelong companion, Benevides was also important in regulating Burr’s professional life.

He was heavily involved in overseeing Burr’s financial affairs as well as overseeing his acting career as his business partner. They expanded their working partnership when they established their production firm together. And he amassed this net worth through a production firm. Raymond Burr passed away in 1993, and his 33-year partner Robert Benevides also continues to run the Raymond Burr family’s vineyards in California.

Robert Benevides Biography & Net Worth 2024

According to different sources, the net worth of Robert Benevides is almost $5 Million in 2024. The major source of income is his role in movies.

Net Worth$5 Million
Full NameRobert Lee Benevides
Date Of BirthFebruary 9, 1930
Place of BirthVisalia, California, United States
Age93 years
ProfessionActor & Producer
Robert Benedives SpouseRaymond Burr

Robert Benevides Earnings / Salaries

Primarily, Robert Benevides earned through his career in the entertainment industry. Also, he made some investments which had contributed to his net worth.

Robert Benevides 2023 Net Worth$4 Million
Robert Benevides Net Worth in 2022$3 Million
Net Worth of Robert Benevides$3.5 Million

Robert Benevides Personal Life

Robert Benevides had an incredibly hidden and contented personal life. Benevides was close to Burr on a personal and professional level. And he is also known as the long-life partner of the late Raymond Burr. Robert Benevide and Raymond Burr’s long connection demonstrated a dedication that went beyond the realm of public view. The couple’s common love of orchids inspired them to start an orchid company, showcasing their common interests outside of entertainment.

raymond burr and robert benevides pictures

Notwithstanding the obstacles LGBTQ+ people had to overcome at the time, Benevides and Burr handled their journeys with poise and fortitude. After the death of his partner in 1993, Benevides carried on Burr’s legacy by supporting charitable causes. Today, Robert Benevides’ private life exemplifies unwavering love, common goals, and the tenacity of relationships that defy social expectations.

Robert Benevides Acting Career

Robert Benevide’s career has been a fascinating journey between the worlds of cinema and television. As well as, Robert Benevides set out on his acting career driven by a love of narrative and a desire to succeed in the competitive field of entertainment. His formative experiences paved the way for a career lasting several decades, during which he charmed audiences with his powerful performance in “Perry Mason”.

In addition, Robert Benevides actor achieved fame on the tiny screen, illuminating TV screens with his magnetic personality. His parts in classic TV series demonstrated his breadth as an actor and brought him praise for his ability to bring depth to a wide range of characters. His performances have made a lasting impression on those who have had a chance to see them.

Actor – Robert Benevides at Young Age

robert benevides young

Robert Benevides Movies

Robert Benevides Popular Movies and TV shows are

  1. The Outer Limits (1963)
  2. Ironside (1967)
  3. The New Doctors (1969)

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FAQs Regarding Robert Benevides Net Worth

Who is Robert Benevides?

He is an American producer and actor renowned for some popular movies. Robert is also well-known for his connection with the venerable performer Raymond Burr.

What is Robert Benevides Age?

Robert Benevides born on February 9, 1930. He is 93 years old

What is Robert Benevides Height?

Robert Benevides height is 5’8.

Is Robert Benevides still alive?

Yes, he is still alive, and his age is 93 years old.

Is Robert Benevides married?

Robert Benevides never got married, but he was in a relationship with Raymond Burr for many years.

Who was Robert Benevides on Perry Mason?

Robert Benevides was the partner of Raymond Burr, who appeared in his only Perry Mason episode.

What shows was Robert Benevides in?

He played in The Outer Limits (1963), Ironside (1967), and The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (1969).

Where does Robert Benevides Live now?

He lives in California, USA.

What Nationality is Robert Benevides?

He is an American.


Regarding celebrity finances, people are frequently curious about their net worth. There is a lot of interest in this area because of Robert Lee Benevides, who is well-known for his numerous contributions to the entertainment business. Obituary Robert Benevides net worth 2024 net worth is approximately $5 Million. His net worth is evidence of his passion and hard work for the entertainment industry.

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