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Popcaan Net Worth is approximately $4 to $5 Million. He has amassed a net worth of big figures through his music career. The Famous artist Jamaican Dancehall is known as Popcaan. Popcaan is a Jamaican singer, DJ, and songwriter. His impressive figure net worth reflects his singing talent and worldwide popularity. He created his path in the music industry after discovering Vybz Kartel and became prominent thereafter.

His very successful hits and collaborations with universal artists are the source of his financial success. After investing in the business, Popcaan also doubled his net worth. His net worth is prominent in his financial status and proves that he holds a specific place in the music industry.

Popcaan Net Worth & Biography

Net Worth$4 to $5 Million
Popcaan Real NameAndrae Hugh Sutherland
Age35 years
Place of BirthSaint Thomas Parish
DOBJuly 19, 1988
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
LabelsMixpak OVO Sound Warner
Popcaan Height5’5
Popcaan HouseThomas Parish, Jamaica
Popcaan Birthday19 July

Popcaan Salaries & Earnings

The Popcaan’s major source of income is his singing talent. Popcaan 2023 salaries and earnings are:

Year 2023Earnings
January$8.1K – $10.5K
February$8.9K – $11.5K
March$8K – $10.4K
April$4.8K – $6.2K
May$5.7K – $7.4K
June$8.3K – $10.8K
July$4.5K – $5.8K
August$7.5K – $9.8K
September$5.7K – $7.4K
October 2023$5.7K – $7.3K
November 2023$5.4K – $7K

Popcaan Sponsorships

Affectionate sponsorships that raise Popcaan’s visibility and that of the brands he represents come his way, thanks to his contagious energy and immense appeal. The yearly “Off To School” feast he organizes in his homeland of Jamaica, among other charitable endeavors, draws collaborations from companies like Unruly Entertainment and Bashco, demonstrating his commitment to the community and enhancing his good influence. He also encourages people for all types of sponsorships in the BIPOC Social Service Agency.

Popcaan Career & Achievements

Popcaan’s career in music started with the well-known dancehall group Portmore Empire, where he developed his abilities and acquired important experience. His big break came when he released “Clarks,” a song he co-wrote with Gaza Slim and Vybz Kartel that became an international hit and demonstrated Popcaan’s distinct sound.

As one of Dancehall’s biggest stars, Popcaan has developed a reputation for delivering hit tunes throughout the years. His unique sound and captivating rhythms have captured the attention of listeners worldwide, making him a sought-after partner for musicians in various genres.

In his achievement, one of the turning points for his career was the release of his debut studio album, “Where We Come From,”. After that, critics welcomed him well, even he secured his reputation as a major player in the music industry. Popcaan has kept developing his style, expertly fusing dancehall, reggae, and other inspirations to produce universally embraced music.

Popcan has worked with well-known celebrities like Jamie xx, Drake, and Gorillaz, further enhancing his popularity as a self-made artist. His widespread appeal proves his achievement and his music has influence on people everywhere.

Popcaan Early & Personal Life

Popcaan Rapper didn’t grow up in a glamorous or luxurious environment. His childhood home serves as the starting point of his story. The early years were so difficult for him because these days were filled with street violence. Further, the death of a person who gave rise to his stage moniker made his early years tough.

Then, Popcaan focused on music to escape and overcome his struggles. After developing abilities, dancehall icon Vybz Kartel became conscious of him. After taking Popcaan under himself, Kartel became his producer as well as a mentor in 2017. Popcaan became a radio mainstay in Jamaica thanks to his talent, which was evident in songs like “Jah Jah Protect Me” and “Hot Grabba.”

Popcaan Girlfriend

Popcaan is not just a gifted artist but also a devoted family man. He keeps his personal life hidden but he shares some glimpses with his wife on social media. He married Kavell Keir. Popcaan wife is not only a housewife but also runs her own business. Popcaan and Kavell have a beautiful family now.

Also, Popcaan demonstrates that success need not sacrifice one’s ability to be happy for oneself by skillfully juggling his professional and personal obligations. Popcaan thanks his wife in interviews for her steadfast support.

Popcaan Awards

He received many awards throughout his music career. Popcaan Best Awards are “Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and MTV”. Further awards are listed below:

MOBO Award for Best Reggae2015, 2017
IRAWMA Awards2012, 2016
International Achievement Award2018
BBC Music Award2018

Popcaan Top 10 Songs

Here’s the list of Popcaan Best Songs;

  • Dream
  • Fall In Love
  • Inviolable
  • Everything Nice
  • Silence
  • Only Man She Want
  • When Mi Party
  • The System
  • Strong Woman
  • Party Shot

Popcaan Concerts 2023

  1. DEC. 2023. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Melkweg.
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Melkweg.
  3. Manchester, United Kingdom. Victoria Warehouse.
  4. NOV. 2023. Dublin 1, Ireland. The Academy.
  5. NOV. 2023. Stockholm, Sweden. Berns.
  6. NOV. 2023. Oslo, Norway. Rockefeller.

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FAQs Regarding Popcaan Net Worth

How much money does Popcaan make?

Popcaan Singer made approximately $4 to $5 Million.

How old is Popcaan?

Popcaan is 35 years old.

Is Popcaan signed?

Popcaan signed with Warner Records and Canadian rapper Drake’s record label OVO Sound In 2016.

Does Popcaan have any children?

Popcan has 1 daughter.

What is the name of Popcaan Daughter?

His daughter’s name is Rihanna.

Who is Popcaan Girlfriend?

Tonny-Ann Singh is Popcaan GF.


Popcaan’s songs, commercial collaborations, and astute financial decisions have probably contributed to his million-dollar net worth. His income is fueled by his chart-topping hits, partnerships with Drake and Jamie X, and sold-out performances. Hennessy and Puma endorsements add to the mix.

Popcaan’s “Unruly” apparel line demonstrates his entrepreneurial energy and contributes to his wealth. Popcaan has a very large net worth, even if the exact amount is unknown. He demonstrates that dancehall may result in financial success in addition to being a gifted musician and intelligent businessman.

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