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According to different sources, the Jeremy Miner Net Worth is around $7.5 Million. Jeremy Miner is a speaker, author, and international sales trainer. He is the creator of 7th Level, a global provider of sales training services to organizations and individuals across the globe.

Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications have all featured Jeremy. Out of over 100 million salespeople globally, Jeremy ranked as the 45th top-paying producer over his 17-year sales career, according to the Direct Selling Association. As a commission-only salesman, he consistently made six figures annually.

Jeremy Miner Net Worth 2024 & Biography

As of 2024, Jeremy Miner’s net worth is approximately $7.5 million. However, this number is not official and is based on several estimates and assumptions.

Net Worth$7.5 million
Full NameJeremy Lee Miner
DOBMarch 1, 1977
Birth PlaceKansas City, Missouri, USA
Age46 years
EducationGraduated from Utah Valley University
OccupationSales Trainer, Speaker & Author
Company7th-level Communications

Jeremy Miner Earnings / Salaries

Jeremy Miner mostly makes his money from his sales training company. He also earns money from podcasts, book sales, and speaking engagements.

Net WorthYear
$6 Million2019
$6.5 Million2020
$7 Million2021
$7.5 Million2022
$7.5 Million2023

Jeremy Miner Career

In 2001, Jeremy Miner’s career started when he was hired as a sales associate by Pinnacle Security, a firm conducting door-to-door home security system sales. Jeremy Miner has evolved into a multifaceted entrepreneur and industry leader from modest sales beginnings beyond the usual salesperson designation. During his early career, he was a high-pressure environment specialist who routinely exceeded sales targets and was recognized as one of the top earners in the world.

His business leap was made possible by this skill, leading to the establishment of 7th Level, a training organization that enables people to realize their sales potential. Inc. acknowledges the rapid ascent of the 7th Level. Renowned for his extraordinary abilities and achievements, Jeremy Miner is known in the coaching and sales fields.

Jeremy Miner Personal Life

A balance between Jeremy Miner’s passion for his family, his business, and his development is evident in his life story. He frequently posts inspirational quotes on social media and is an outspoken supporter of self-improvement and entrepreneurship.

His wife Sarah is regularly cited as a source of strength, and their daughter Ellie is often featured in touching writings. Family plays a major role in Miner’s life, even though specifics are kept confidential. He is well-known and respected worldwide for his commitment to his work and contributions to the sales industry.

Jeremy Miner Sales Tips & Scripts

Jeremy Miner’s Sales Tips & Scripts offer a tactical edge to optimize your potential and enhance your sales abilities, regardless of your level of experience in the industry. He provides a plethora of information that revolutionizes the conventional sales strategy. Instead of using forceful sales tactics, his creative approaches center on listening to clients and posing pertinent questions.

Salespeople can portray their items as solutions by knowing their customers’ demands and pain points. Miner’s scripts offer a sales conversational road plan that helps close deals. Increased customer satisfaction, sales growth, and conversion rates can result from implementing these tactics.

Jeremy Miner Books

Renowned sales trainer Jeremy Miner has also made a major impact on the sales industry with his perceptive books. His writings give insightful perspectives into the sales field and cutting-edge methods and approaches for achievement.

Jeremy Miner Books
The New Model of Selling: Selling to an Unsellable Generation

“The New Model of Selling: Selling to an Unsellable Generation,” which Miner co-wrote with Jerry Acuff1, is one of his most well-known writings. This book presents an innovative approach to sales, questioning established practices and presenting novel concepts that align with modern consumer behavior.

Jeremy Miner Podcast

Renowned sales expert Jeremy Miner has offered his wealth of expertise through enlightening podcasts that have become essential tools for professionals looking to improve their sales game.

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  2. DEC 11, 2023. How To Be a Top Sales Rep at Your Company
  3. NOV 30, 2023. How To Pitch Your Product In Sales
  4. OCT 21, 2023. 3 Common Mistakes All Sales People Make

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FAQs Regarding Jeremy Miner Net Worth

Who is Jeremy Miner?

Jeremy Miner is a well-known sales trainer who created the 7th Level Communications, an inventive selling method.

Who is the CEO of the 7th level?

Jeremy Miner is the CEO of 7th Level.

What is Jeremy Miner’s net worth?

Jeremy Miner Net Worth is $7.5 Million as of 2024.

What awards has Jeremy Miner received?

In 22022, Jeremy Miner’s company, 7th Level, was awarded as one of the “Companies Winning in a Time of Change–And Achieving Spectacular Growth” by Inc.


An international sales trainer has a net worth of $7.5 Million. The size of Jeremy Miner’s net worth attests to his accomplishments as a sales trainer. In addition to boosting his fortune, his ground-breaking sales strategy, known as the 7th Level Communications, has helped innumerable companies and people who have used it.

It’s crucial to remember that Miner’s net worth reflects his accomplishments in the field of sales training and his financial achievement. Aspiring salesmen and business owners might draw inspiration from his narrative. Recall that his net worth estimates can change due to various circumstances, including income, investments, and expenses. For the most accurate information, use trustworthy sources at all times.

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