Suicideboys Net Worth, Earnings, Salaries, Bio & More

According to many sources, Suicideboys Net Worth is approximately $4 Million. Suicideboys real names are Scrim and Ruby da Cherry, they are cousins and started their music career in 2014. Well-known American hip hop based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

They gained popularity after their first song due to their self-produced beats and harsh lyrical content and earned a lot of money. Moreover, they generate revenue from YouTube, their brand, and other investments. They made a successful career that is reflected in their $4 Million net worth.

Suicideboys Net Worth 2024 & Bio

The Net Worth of Suicideboys 2024 is around $4 Million. In addition, Suicideboys concerts and tours have contributed to their net worth.

Scrim ($crim) Biography

Scrim Net Worth$4 million
Full NameScrim
Birth DateApril 11, 1989
Age34 Years
Country of OriginUSA
ProfessionHip hop

Ruby da Cherry Biography

Ruby da Cherry Net Worth$4 million
Full NameRuby da Cherry
Birth DateApril 22, 1990
Age33 years
Country of OriginUSA
ProfessionHip hop

Suicideboys Earnings & Salaries

Fans are curious and want to know What is Suicideboys net worth and how much they make in a year. Suicideboys have various income sources, so their earnings are approximately a million in a year.

2023$3.5 Million
2022$3 Million
2021$2 Million
2020$1 Million

Suicideboys Tours

The rap duo, who is famous for their energetic lyrics, do the tour globally. Fans await Suicideboys upcoming events, a blend of hip-hop and punk.

2018Global Epidemic Tour
2019Grey Day Tour
2019I Want to Die in New Orleans Tour
2020Stop Staring at the Shadows Tour

Suicideboys Songs & Albums

Suicideboys has released over 200 songs, albums, mixtapes, and EPs in their music history. But some of the best Suicideboys songs are:

  1. Paris
  2. Kill Yourself (Part III)
  3. LTE
  4. Low Key
  5. For the Last Time
  6. Gloom
  7. O Pana!
  8. Champion of Death
  9. I Want to Believe
  10. Mount Sinai
  11. 20th Centurion
  12. Kill Yourself (Part II)
  13. New Chains, Same Shackles
  14. Memoirs of a Gorilla
  15. Brooklyn

Suicideboys Career

In 2014, Suicideboys formed when two cousins, Scrim and Ruby da Cherry, started to create music together. They created unique music from various influences, including Southern rap, punk rock, and horrorcore. In a very short time, they built their music production, which attracted music lovers worldwide.

Then, they started to be active on different platforms, releasing various songs and mixtapes. Suicideboys best songs, like “Paris,” “Kill Yourself Saga,” and “LTE,” grabbed the attention of listeners. Their song lyrics spoke about their depression, addiction, and struggles, which melted the hearts of fans.

When they became popular worldwide, they started to do concerts and tours in collaboration with other artists. Further confirmed their position as pioneers of the growing “emo rap” sound. With a loyal fanbase and a relentless work ethic, they still experimenting with new songs.

Suicideboys Personal Life

In their personal life, Suicideboys are secretive, But they share some glimpses of their personal life through music. They had a very hard time in the past as Scrim worked to sell used furniture while Ruby da Cherry had to work as a waiter in a restaurant at a very young age.

Scrim was a drug addict before his music began. In 2019, he cured himself through therapy sessions and many other programs. They both decided if their music failed, they would commit suicide, but their constant hard work and passion for music were appreciated by the fans.

suicideboys personal life

Suicideboys Social Media Accounts

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FAQs Regarding Suicideboys Net Worth

Who Are Suicideboys?

Suicideboys real names are Scrim and Ruby da Cherry, they are cousins and started their hip-hop music career in 2014.

Where Are Suicideboys From?

Suicideboys belongs to New Orleans, Louisiana.

What Genre is Suicideboys?

Suicideboys genre is Hip hop, punk rap, and trap metal.

How Old Are Suicideboys?

Scrim is 34 years old while Ruby da Cherry is 33 years old.

Are Suicideboys Christian?

They still have not talked about their religion to fans

When Did Suicideboys Start?

Suicideboys are cousins and started their hip-hop music career in 2014.

How Old is Ruby Suicideboys?

Ruby da Cherry is 33 years old

Where Do Suicideboys Live?

They live in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

What Are the Suicideboys Real Names?

Suicideboys real names are Scrim and Ruby da Cherry.

How Did Suicideboys Get Their Name?

The name “$uicideboy$” originated from a combination of influences. The “Suicide” part of their name reflects the dark. $ Some suggest it represents their dedication to making money through their music

Where Did Suicideboys Grow Up?

The members of $uicideboy$, Ruby da Cherry (Aristos Petrou) and $lick $loth (Scott Arceneaux Jr.), both grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What Kind of Music is Suicideboys?

$uicideboy$ is known for its unique blend of various musical genres, primarily hip-hop, rap, and elements of punk rock.


Suicideboys have made distinctive careers in the music business and got widespread recognition. They have revolutionized the genre and pushed the boundaries with an uncompromising dedication to honesty and their craft. Their story is a tribute to the strength of artistic vision and determination as they confront the difficulties of fame and money.

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