Levi Morgan Net Worth, Earnings, Source of Income, Bio & More

According to different sources, Levi Morgan Net Worth is around $10 Million. A multi-talented individual, Levi Morgan is successful in the fields of archery, outdoor exploration, and entrepreneurship. He is also a YouTuber.

On his YouTube channel, he actively interacts with followers by providing tips on archery, guidance on bowhunting, and behind-the-scenes looks at his fascinating traveling lifestyle.

Through his show and social media, he shares his knowledge and experiences with viewers, enthralling them with his abilities. His trophy-filled career, rich sponsorships, interesting media initiatives, and emerging entrepreneurial spirit form an image of a guy steadily climbing the financial ladder.

Levi Morgan Net Worth 2024 & Biography

By 2024, Levi Morgan’s net worth is expected to be approximately $10 million. Levi’s true wealth lies in his passion for archery, dedication to conservation, and ability to inspire – treasures far more valuable than any prize money

Net Worth$10 Million
Full NameLevi Morgan
DOBJune 20, 1984
Birth PlaceRosman, NC
ProfessionBowhunting, archery, YouTuber
Levi Morgan WifeSamantha Morgan

Levi Morgan Earnings & Source of Income

His earnings come from diverse sources with fluctuating amounts. But the estimation is $480k per annum. Levi Morgan’s income streams flow like his arrows – diverse and precise. While an exact net worth remains elusive, his financial quiver brims with feathers plucked from various sources.

Source of Income

Tournament TriumphsDominating archery competitions, with World Championship wins and hefty prize money, forms a solid base.
Sponsorship BullseyeRenowned brands clamor for him, providing lucrative deals and potentially lucrative profit-sharing ventures.
Media Maven MagicHosting the engaging “Levi Morgan Outdoors” likely commands a healthy salary, while additional brand collaborations and online content further boost his earnings.
Building BrandHis budding clothing line “Levi Morgan Outdoors” and signature energy bar range hold the potential for significant future growth, adding another arrow to his financial bow

Levi Morgan Personal Life

The well-known archer Levi Morgan is from Rosman, North Carolina, a small town. His father’s enthusiasm for bowhunting sparked his interest in archery at a young age. Morgan showed signs of competition at a young age; at five, he started winning local club shoots and throughout his childhood. He performed well in ASA and IBO tournaments.

Levi had full scholarships to play baseball and basketball. But he decided to focus on his real passion—archery and bowhunting. When he earned Shooter of the Year and his first professional victory in 2007, his hard work paid off.

levi morgan wife

His wife is also a bow hunter. Levi Morgan’s wife, Samantha, is a huge support in each part of his life. At the age of 17, Samantha began bow hunting. Her love of hunting didn’t take off until she met Levi Morgan in 2006, the man who would become her husband. A loving family man, Levi is off the field. Levi Morgan has two boys. The names of his boys are Landon and Jaxon.

Levi Morgan Bow Setup

Levi Morgan’s bow setup is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, reflecting his precision and passion for archery. While specific brands may change, the core pillars of his rig remain consistent:

At the heart lies a top-of-the-line Mathews compound bow, known for its smooth draw cycle, incredible accuracy, and power to send arrows singing toward the target. He trusts Gold Tip arrows, lauded for their durability and consistency, ensuring each shot reaches its mark with unwavering precision.

A Sure-Loc Carbonic sight offers a clear and customizable aiming window, allowing Levi to dial in minute adjustments for flawless targeting. Moreover, a carefully balanced combination of B-Stinger stabilizers minimizes vibration and promotes rock-solid stability, keeping his aim true even under pressure.

Levi Morgan Awards

Levi paints a picture of consistent excellence year after year. Levi’s awards aren’t just trophies; they’re milestones on a journey of inspiration, proving that unwavering passion and laser-sharp focus can turn arrows into achievements. He has won the awards of:

  • 13 Shooter of the Year awards,
  • 13 World Championships
  • 60 National Titles

Levi Morgan Social Media Accounts

FAQs Regarding Levi Morgan Net Worth

Q1- Where is Levi Morgan from?

Levi Morgan belongs to Morgantown, West Virginia.

Q2- What release does Levi Morgan hunt with?

Synapse thumb-button release (on the left) and SEAR hinge release (on the right) are the two distinct Tru-Fire release aids that Levi Morgan uses.

Q3- Who has been the most influential coach or mentor in Levi Morgan Archery’s journey?

Levi Morgan lists his father, Darrell Morgan, as one of the main inspirations for his archery career.

Q4- What arrows does Levi Morgan use?

He hopes to outfit his hunting rig with the Centrum Premier 166 and shoot the Altra Arrows Centrum Premier 27 during the tournament season.

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Levi Morgan’s net worth results from an incredible journey including entrepreneurship, financial strategy, and archery. With a long list of achievements in competitive archery, Morgan has cemented his place in the sport’s annals and successfully tapped into various revenue streams.

Morgan’s resume is as diverse as his archery abilities, spanning business endeavors, brand endorsements, a robust web presence, and motivational speeches. His wealth is evidence of the positive effects of a combination of hard work, perseverance, and wise financial preparation.

Levi Morgan’s growing wealth continues to tell a gripping story of success and financial achievement in the cutthroat and business worlds as he keeps influencing archery fans worldwide.

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