Stephanie March Net Worth, Earnings, Assets, Bio & More

According to different sources, Stephanie March Net Worth is approximately $10 Million. She is an American-based actress who is famous for her ADA role in Law & Order as “Alexandra Cabot” and many TV shows. Stephanie March movies and TV shows gained her worldwide popularity.

She also worked in big movies like Head of State, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Flannel Pajamas, The Treatment, and The Invention of Lying, and earned much financial success. Besides her ten million dollar net worth, Stephanie March assets are luxury houses and cars. Also, Stephanie March sponsorships and investments have contributed to her net worth.

Stephanie March Net Worth 2024 & Biography

As of 2024, Stephanie March Net Worth is around $10 Million. Her acting skills and talent have made her rich and successful.

Net worth$10 million
Full NameStephanie Caroline March
Date of Birth1974 July 23
Age49 years old
Height5 Feet 8 Inch
Stephanie March HouseManhattan Penthouse
Stephanie March SpouseBobby Flay (2005-2015)
Dan Benton (2017)
Stephanie March KidsSophie Flay, Katya Benton, Nate Benton
Alex Benton, Jeff Benton, Mike Benton

Stephanie March Earnings / Salaries

In the late 1990s, she started to pursue an acting career. She consistently worked in the entertainment industry for many years and became a millionaire.

Stephanie March 2023 Net Worth$8.5 Million
Stephanie March Net Worth in 2022$7 Million
Net Worth of Stephanie March 2021$6 Million

Stephanie March Career

During high school, she found herself interested in acting when she participated in school plays and local theatre. At a very young age, she started her career just after completing her education at Northwestern University. Stephanie March’s family supported her, and she moved to New York to achieve her career goals.

After getting experience in stage drama, she stepped into an iconic crime drama, Law & Order, to play the role of “Alexandra Cabot”. Her breakthrough came after this drama when industry workers saw her acting skills. In addition, she led herself to grab many big opportunities, including her appearance on popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy and 30 Rock.

Stephanie March Law & Order

When she was attending the 25th-anniversary celebration of a show in New York City, she expressed her wish to play the adored ADA again.

Stephanie March’s versatility and dedication to her craft have enabled her to transition seamlessly between roles on screen and on stage. She has continued to challenge herself with diverse characters throughout her career, showcasing her range as an actress.

Stephanie March Personal Life

As a celebrity in the entertainment industry, fans want to know more about her life. They want to know who Stephanie March is Married to and What Stephanie March is doing these Days.

In 2005, Stephanie March married chef Bobby Flay, but Stephanie March and Bobby Flay divorced in 2015. The couple had one daughter. In 2017, she decided to marry Dan Benton, and she lives a happy life with him. Actress Stephanie March and Dan Benton have five kids.

Pics of Stephanie March

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Stephanie March Movies and TV Shows

Sure, here’s a list of some notable movies and TV shows featuring Stephanie March:


  1. Head of State (2003)
  2. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)
  3. The Invention of Lying
  4. The Treatment (2006)
  5. Falling for Grace (2006)

TV Shows:

  1. Law & Order
  2. Conviction (2006)
  3. Grey’s Anatomy (2006)
  4. Rescue Me (2006)
  5. 30 Rock (2007)

Stephanie March Social Media Accounts

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FAQs Regarding Stephanie March

Who is Stephanie March?

She is an American-based actress who is famous for her ADA role in Law & Order as “Alexandra Cabot” and many TV shows.

What is Model Stephanie March Age?

She is 49 years old.

How Tall is Stephanie March?

Stephanie March height is 5’9.

How Old is Stephanie March?

She is 49 years old.

Who Did Stephanie March Marry?

Bobby Flay and Dan Benton Married her.

Where is TV Star Stephanie March Now?

Soon, she is joining the cast of The CW superhero series Naomi

When Did Boby Flay Marry Stephanie March?

In 2005, Stephanie March married chef Bobby Flay, but Stephanie March and Bobby Flay divorced in 2015

Why Did Stephanie March Leave SVU in Season 5?

Stephanie March’s departure in Season 5 was due to creative reasons and a desire to pursue other opportunities.

What is the Name of Stephanie March Daughter?

The name of Stephanie March daughter is Sophie Flay.

What is Stephanie March Husband Net Worth?

Dan Benton Net Worth is around $2.3 Billion.

Is Stephanie March Gay?

She had married Dan Benton after her divorce from Bobby Flay. She has six kids and lives with Dan.

Is Stephanie March Lesbian?

She had not made any public statement which proved that Stephanie March is a Lesbian.

Why Did Bobby Flay and Stephanie March Divorce?

She divorced Bobby Flay when she came to know that he had an affair with a young girl.


Stephanie March’s journey from playing stage drama to aspiring actress reflects her talent, determination, and passion for her craft. With impressive work in television, film, and other ventures, she has solidified her place in the entertainment industry.

While her net worth, earnings, and assets reflect her professional success, her enduring dedication to her craft truly sets her apart. As fans eagerly anticipate her future projects, one thing is certain: Stephanie March’s impact on the entertainment world will continue to resonate for years to come.

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