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According to different sources, Jason Weaver Net Worth is around $7 million. Jason Weaver Lion King royalties amount is $2 million. He collected this through his successful acting, voice acting, singing, and as an entrepreneur.

Jason Weaver has been involved in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, establishing a solid reputation for himself. Thus, his net worth will likely increase. His ability and effort have paid off beautifully, as he went from being a young actor to a well-known personality.

Jason Weaver Net Worth 2024 & Biography

As of 2024, the net worth of Jason Weaver is $7 million. Moreover, Jason Weaver investment and sponsorships have also contributed to his net worth.

Net Worth$7 Million
Full NameJason Michael Weaver
Other NamesJ-Weav
Date of BirthJuly 18, 1979
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
Age44 Years
ProfessionActor, singer
Notable Works“The Jacksons: An American Dream” (1992), “Smart Guy” (1997-1999), “Drumline” (2002), “The Lion King” (1994, voice of young Simba), “The Ladykillers” (2004)
Jason Weaver WifeMyra
Jason Weaver SonJaylen Zylus

Jason Weaver Royalty Check & Earnings

A multi-talented actor and singer, his charismatic performances have melted the hearts of audiences worldwide. Over the years, his earnings have increased through his work in the entertainment industry.

Jason Weaver 2023 Net Worth$6.5 Million
Jason Weaver Net Worth in 2022$6 Million
Net Worth of Jason Weaver 2021$5.5 Million
Jason Weaver Earnings 2020$4.5 Million
Jason Weaver Salaries 2019$4 Million

Jason Weaver Lion King Net Worth

In an October 2019 interview with VladTV, Jason disclosed that he declined a $2 million flat compensation for his role in The Lion King. Inflation was adjusted to the current currency, approximately $3.5 million.

Instead, he opted for $100,000 plus future song and film royalties. In the interview, he claimed that this choice was sage because he still earns checks to this day, decades later, and Jason Weaver income from “Lion King” total earnings have easily surpassed the original $2 million offer.

Jason Weaver Net Worth

Jason Weaver Royalties

The young and multitalented artist “Jason Weaver” played Simba in The “Lion King”. He wanted to receive a smaller amount and made a wise decision to accept royalty payments.

Jason Weaver royalties primary source is his contributions to iconic film soundtracks and television shows; he has not only delighted audiences but has also generated substantial royalty income over the years.

Jason Weaver Career Journey

He began his entertainment career young, appearing in the television series Brewster Place in 1990. In 1992, he starred in the miniseries The Jacksons: An American Dream, playing the young Michael Jackson.

Weaver’s breakthrough role came in 1994 when he provided the singing voice for Simba in the Disney animated classic The Lion King. He also had a recurring role on the television sitcom Thea, and in 1997, he began starring in his sitcom Smart Guy.

Television Career

Jason Weaver played Marcus Henderson in the sitcom “Smart Guy,” which gave him a significant role in 1997. The show was a hit, further enhancing Weaver’s repute. His ability to convey complex emotions and comedic timing were highlights of his portrayal, making “Smart Guy” a memorable part of his career.

Music Career

Jason Weaver has had a notable career in music in addition to acting. His 1995 first album, “Love Ambition,” issued by Motown Records, demonstrated his remarkable vocal range and knack for evoking solid feelings via music. Although his music career didn’t reach the heights of his acting career, his contributions to the music industry, mainly R&B and soul, remain appreciated by his fans.

Jason Weaver Movies And Tv Shows

Jason Weaver has left an indelible mark on the big and small screens with his diverse roles in movies and television. He made himself rich through his hit movies. Jason Weaver earnings from “The Jacksons: An American Dream” (1992) was more than $2 Million.

One of Jason’s most famous movies is Drumline (2002). Jason Weaver Drumline’s earnings were more than $2 million. In this movie, he plays Devon Miles, a talented drummer from Atlanta who attends the fictional Southern University. Devon joins the university’s marching band, the Marching 100, and quickly becomes one of its best drummers.

  • The Lion King (1994) 
  • ATL (2006)
  • Drumline (2002)
  • The Ladykillers (2004)
  • Lottery Ticket (2010)
  • He’s Mine, Not Yours (2011)

  • Thea (1993-1994)
  • Let’s Stay Together (2014-2019)
  • Black-ish (2015-2017)
  • The Chi (2021-present)
  • Smart Guy (1997-1999)

Jason Weaver Songs

In addition to his acting career, Jason has also pursued music. Here’s a list of some songs by Jason Weaver:

  1. One Call Away-(1996)
  2. Stay with Me-(1996)
  3. I Can’t Stand the Pain-(1995)
  4. Love Ambition-(1995)
  5. Real Good People
  6. Just Stay
  7. Wonderful Christmas Time

Jason Weaver Social Media Accounts

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FAQs Regarding Jason Weaver Net Worth

Who is Jason Weaver?

Jason Weaver is an actor and singer; he has been involved in the entertainment industry for over thirty years.

How Old is Jason Weaver?

Jason Weaver age is 44 years.

What Tall is Jason Weaver?

Jason Weaver height is 5’11.

Where is Jason Weaver From?

He belongs to Chicago, Illinois, United States.

How much is the man who voiced Simba worth?

It can be estimated to be around $4 million.

How Much is Jason Weaver Worth?

Jason Weaver Net Worth is around $7 million. Jason Weaver Lion King royalties amount is $2 million.

What part did Jason Weaver sing in Lion King?

He entertained us with his melodic sound as Simba sang in the box office hit “The Lion King.”

Does Jason Weaver have kids?

Yes, Jason Weaver has only one son.

How many winners did Jason Weaver have?

Jason Weaver has more than 1000 winners.

How Much Does Jason Weaver Make From Lion King Royalties?

Jason Weaver income from Lion King is more than $2 million.

Is Jason Weaver Married?

Yes, he is married. Jason Weaver Wife, Myra, had dated him for over a year.


Jason Weaver’s net worth reflects his decades-long career in the entertainment industry. With a combination of acting, singing, and voice acting work, he has established himself as a multi-talented artist. 

While his net worth is estimated to be around $7 million, it’s crucial to remember that this figure can fluctuate over time based on his ongoing projects and investments. As he continues to contribute his talents to various forms of media, Jason Weaver’s net worth may see further growth in the future.

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