Lester Morrow Net Worth, Earnings, Bio & More

Lester Morrow Net Worth is $3.5 Million. He is a YouTuber, teacher, and enthusiastic hobby farmer, making a special place for himself in his dual professions. In addition to receiving great personal satisfaction from his profession as an educator and farmer.

As an educator and farmer, Lester Morrow finds great personal satisfaction in his career and makes a respectable living in his field. He ended his career as a teacher last year. In 2017, he founded Ima Survivor Sanctuary and became the CEO.

His path is evidence of the successful fusion of his personal and professional interests, and it has produced a notable net worth that demonstrates his dedication and accomplishments.

Lester Morrow Net Worth 2024 & Biography

As of 2024, Lester Morrow Net Worth is $3.5 Million. Texas-born Lester Morrow had made himself rich through farming. Now, he is a proud owner of Ima Survivor Sanctuary.

Net Worth$3.5 Million
Full NameLester Morrow
Age53 years
Height5 feet and 6 inches
Date Of BirthMay 13, 1970
Birth PlaceCleveland, Texas, USA
ProfessionYouTuber, Owner of Animal Rescue Sanctuary and Hobby farmer
Lester Morrow WifeJami Walker
Lester Morrow SonsLE.Morrow & Lex Aldine
Lester Morrow DaughterXender Morrow

Lester Morrow Earnings & Source of Income

The major source of Income of Leastere Morrow is teaching and his love for farming. Lester Morrow Texas farm generates high revenue each year. He also made some investments that contributed to his net worth.

2024$3.5 Million
2023$2 Million

Lester Morrow Career

Lester Morrow started his career in the education field. Later, he found his extraordinary love for animals. Then, he turned over his hobby to the farming business. Over a few decades, he became popular as one of the most accomplished teachers. He has had success due to his amazing skills and hard work.

After Hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic flooding, Ima Survivor Sanctuary was established. This property provides a permanent home for animals that faced the worst natural disaster in the US. They started to rescue and have given place to abandoned, mistreated, and neglected farm animals.

He became popular after Hurricane Harvey and was featured on Bear Grylls’ Face The Wild show on Facebook Watch. In California, Bear Grylls also invited Lester Morrow. This involved several difficulties, such as eating a rat, being airlifted to the summit of a dormant volcano, and traversing a ravine that was 200 feet deep.

Lester Morrow Personal Life

The Farmer has 3 children. Lester Morrow wife “Jami” helps him to run his farming business, which consists of 100- acres. She is the right hand of his husband, as Jami looks over to his administrative work and social media (YouTube).

Lester Morrow wife

Lester Morrow Plum Grove Farm

Lester Morrow Social Media Accounts

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FAQs Regarding Lester Morrow Net Worth

How Many Times Has Lester Morrow been married?

Lester Morrow married two times. He married Jami after the separation of Lester from his first wife

How did Lester Morrow and Jami Walker Meet?

When Lester arrived in Texas, he met Jami Walker. They both fell in Love and made their path in the same way.

Is Lester Morrow Married to Jami Walker?

Yes, Lester Morrow has been with Jami for many years

What Happened to Lester Morrow First Wife?

Lester Morrow and Audra Marie Keston separated due to personal issues that are not still public.

How Old is Lester Morrow?

Lester Morrow age is 53 years. He was born in Texas.

How Much is Lester Morrow Worth?

The Net Worth of Lester Morrow is $3.5 Million.

Who is Lester Morrow Ex-Wife?

Audra Marie Keston is Lester Morrow Ex Wife.


Lester Morrow Net Worth is approximately $3.5 Million. In both his professions, Lester Morrow symbolizes perseverance and hard effort. As a teacher, he always gives dedication and motivation to others. In addition, he always ensured that he provided his students with insightful and sensible guidance with an unwaveringly sincere approach.

Lester Morrow is an extraordinary person who has achieved unmatched achievements in the fields of education and hobby farming. His love for education has also inspired and encouraged others. His bond with his students and the atmosphere he gives them make Lester unique.

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