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The well-known Author and public speaker Jonathan Shuttleworth’s Net Worth is approximately $2 million as of right now. His different sources of revenue are speaking engagements, book sales, and business endeavors.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth has achieved great success in his work and has a substantial net worth. Jonathan Shuttlesworth YouTube channel also contributes to his net worth. As well as Jonathan is a pastor and is famous for having founded a church, “Revival Today”.

His pastoral work is just one source of income creation; other sources include his online streaming and monetized social media accounts. His revenues are also enhanced by the wide audience he influences. It’s important to remember that Shuttlesworth’s main goal is to reach out to his audience with his religious beliefs despite the attention paid to his wealth.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth 2024 & Biography

Jonathan Shuttlesworth has achieved great success in his work and has a substantial net worth. As of 2024, Jonathan’s net worth is around $2M.

Net Worth$2 Million
NameJonathan Shuttlesworth
Birthday4th December 1981
Age42 years
BirthplacePennsylvania, United States
EducationThe University of Miami, Florida
Jonathan Shuttlesworth WifeAdalis Shuttlesworth

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Earnings/Salary


Jonathan Shuttlesworth Youtube Net Worth

Renowned preacher Jonathan Shuttlesworth has had a big influence via his Revival Today Church1 YouTube channel. The channel, which has over 7.27K members and an expanding library of films, proves his commitment to sharing the gospel1.

Many people are curious about Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s net worth. Some sources put the figure at about $12K, while others speculate that it might reach as high as $5 million4. The many revenue sources connected to his work, such as his YouTube channel and other missionary endeavors, could cause this disparity.

Whatever the precise amount, Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s wealth reflects his accomplishments as a YouTuber and evangelist who shares priceless biblical lessons about prosperity, faith, and healing.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Career

Jonathan’s career took a worldwide turn as he visited several nations, sharing his lessons and leaving a lasting impression. His career has been expressed by the love of biblical teaching and soul-winning, which inspires people worldwide.

In May 2002, an internationally recognized evangelist started his full-time preaching journey with his wife, Adalis Shuttlesworth. As a result of their commitment to advancing the Gospel, Jonathan became the founder of Revival Today in 2007.

In addition to providing teachings on faith, healing, financial prosperity, freedom from sin, and leading a triumphant life, this ministry is dedicated to reaching individuals who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Personal Life

Dallas, Texas, is the birthplace of renowned novelist, public speaker, and businessman Jonathan Shuttlesworth. He is 51 years old and enjoys a happy personal life. His wife is Adalis, and the two of them have three kids. He committed to his church as a devout Christian. His charming grace and composed manner add to his endearing personality along with his amazing body.

His personal life demonstrates his dedication to his faith and family, which supports his career as an evangelist. There’s a sense of tranquility about him, both in his preaching style and in general. His journey is a testament to his religious leadership and highlights the importance of balancing spiritual responsibilities with a rich and fulfilling personal life.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Books

  • Financial Overflow: 10 Bible Principles to Unlock Heaven’s Unending Supply
  • Understanding the World in Light of Bible Prophecy
  • The 20 Laws that Govern the Financial Anointing
  • 35 Questions for Those Who Hate the Prosperity Gospel Jonathan Shuttlesworth
  • How to Dominate in a Wicked Nation: Lessons Learned From the Life of Abraham

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Social Media Accounts

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FAQs Regarding Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth

Q-1 Who is the Pastor of Revival Today?

Jonathan and Adalis Shuttlesworth are the pastors of Revival Today.

Q2- Is Jonathan Shuttlesworth married?

Jonathan Shuttlesworth is married to Adalis.

Q3- Where is Jonathan Shuttlesworth church located?

Revival Today Church is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Q4- How did Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s car accident affect his life?

Experts indicated that he would be permanently disabled following the accident, giving him a poor prognosis.


Popular pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth has become extremely wealthy due to his career advancements. He has a net worth of $2 million as of 2024. His pastoral activities, as well as his for-profit social media accounts and internet streaming services, have contributed to his wealth gain.

Much of his financial success may be attributed to his commitment and diligence. With his perseverance and dedication to his profession, Jonathan has inspired many people despite obstacles, including a serious vehicle accident in 2014. Given his significance and influence in his area, his net worth is a tribute to that.

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