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Jim Glidewell Net Worth is approximately $2.6 Billion. James R. Glidewell is the founder and president of Glidewell. Glidewell is the largest privately held provider of restorative dentistry solutions worldwide. The goal to drive it is lowering the cost of rehabilitation dentistry for everyone.

Jim used a special combination of technical expertise, business skills, and marketing ideas to grow his one-man, kitchen-table operation in 1970 into a multi-pronged technology company. He is one of the leaders in the oral health sector.

Jim pursues his longtime aim of expanding the materials and processes available to dentists and laboratories. Dental technology has undergone a major change thanks in large part to Glidewell. Jim’s Net Worth is evidence of his influence in the industry, demonstrating his financial success and the significant impact of his contributions.

Jim Glidewell Net Worth & Biography

Various sources state that Jim Glidewell Net Worth is over $2 Billion. Jim got financial success through his major role in the dental industry.

Net WorthCEO of James R. Glidewell Dental Ceramics Inc. and Author
NameJames R. Glidewell
Nick NameJim Glidewell
DOBNov 25, 1945
ProfessionCEO of James R. Glidewell Dental Ceramics Inc., and Author
Jim Glidewell WifeParvina
Jim Glidewell ChildrenFour

Jim Glidewell Early & Personal Life

Jim Glidewell had a natural interest and a love of study while growing up in a rural town. Throughout his early years, his parents, who ran a modest grocery business, instilled a strong work ethic in him. These early encounters prepared him for the spirit of entrepreneurship that would eventually shape his professional life.

Jim Glidewell’s future was his educational path. His professional path would center around dental technology, which he studied after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology. Throughout these years, he refined his abilities and comprehensively understood the complexities of dental artistry.

Jim Glidewell values his personal life and relationships. Jim Glidewell wife “Parvina” played a crucial role in his journey. His path has been greatly aided by his wife. He is giving back much more than he does in the business. This demonstrates a man who is committed to creating a lasting legacy and goes far beyond in his field of work.

Jim Glidewell House & Yacht

The home and yacht represent the imaginative design and skillful craftsmanship that have made Jim Glidewell’s name famous. Jim House skillfully combines contemporary style with classic charm.

jim glidewell house

Jim Glidewell Assets

A varied array of Jim Glidewell’s assets demonstrates his aptitude for business and astute financial decisions. The Jim Glidewell Yacht is a monument to its creator’s dedication to creating spaces that redefine luxury living. His floating masterpiece, with its superior craftsmanship and creative design, is a representation of marine brilliance.

jim glidewell yacht

Jim Glidewell Dental Career

Jim Glidewell made a risky move in the early 1970s when he established Glidewell Dental. This business completely transformed Jim Glidewell career in the dental sector. With an emphasis on offering top-notch dental products and services, the business immediately became known for its dedication to both innovation and client happiness.

Glidewell Dental has continuously been a leader in embracing cutting-edge technologies, from introducing CAD/CAM technology to inventing digital dental solutions. Jim is famous for his training programs, workshops, and partnerships with educational institutions.

Jim Glidewell Awards

Jim was granted the AAID’s Isiah Lew Memorial Research Award. Indeed, the Jim Glidewell Award recognizes many achievements that have improved dentistry. These awards encourage dentists to strive for greater success in their dental practices by recognizing those who exhibit extraordinary talent and dedication.

Jim Glidewell Books

Jim Glidewell is the writer of the book “Constant Change”. This book was published on Dec 8, 2019. Its 2nd edition was further published on Dec 8, 2020

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FAQs Regarding Jim Glidewell Net Worth

Who is the CEO of Glidewell Dental Lab?

Stephenie Goddard is the Chief Executive Officer of Glidewell Dental Lab.

Who is Jim Glidewell?

Jim Glidewell is a philanthropist and businessman from America best known for being the creator and CEO of Glidewell.

How big is Glidewell Dental?

The Lab consists of over 4,300 ft.

What is the revenue of Glidewell Dental?

The annual revenue of Glidewell Dental is $980.4 Million in 2023.


Jim Glidewell is a well-known person in the dental community who has amassed an empire with hard work and creativity. His estimated net worth as of 2024 is around $2.6 Billion. This outstanding accomplishment is evidence of his entrepreneurial passion and unwavering quest for greatness. The beneficial effects that his products and services have had on practitioners all over the world serve as a measure of his popularity.

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